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We have created this new version of Crystal Healing Beds in 2020 at The Glass-House of Spirits in Germany. This new version is also hand-made and each of our Crystal Beds was energetically aligned and created with love.

The lamps are now even more flexible than before as they can easily be rotated and tilted in the angle you desire onto the respective body Chakras of the individual. This makes it more possible to align the lamps to the patient’s body length. Also, the new set of lamps can be moved inwards in order for you to transport the healing bed more easily.
The Crystal Healing Bed also comes with an adjustable stand which allows you to move the lamps as a whole up and down, that is, closer or further away from the individual’s body.
In addition, a regulator is provided for you to modify the light frequencies. You have the option to switch modes between a standard light, slowly or quickly pulsating light or standard and slowly pulsating light combined.
If you need to transport the Crystal Healing Bed from A to B you will have a small transportation case for the crystal lamps at your disposal.

For any further questions, feel free to contact us via e-mail (see contact details).

Our Crystal Healing Bed comes with:

  • 7 clear Vogel crystals in their respective Chakra colour
  • 7 lamps to which the crystals are attached to
  • a mounting bracket as a support for the lamps
  • an adjustable stand which can be moved up or down
  • a regulator for the light frequency
  • a case for transportation of the crystal lamps
  • and last but not least LOVE!



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