Crystal Healing Wand


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Crystal Healing Wand


Price per Crystal Healing Wand.
We ship worldwide.
Shipping costs are already included in the total price.




– 1 clear Vogel crystal
– 25-facetted for a more intensive dispersion of light and energy
– pointy end


– wand: metal
– wand handle: metal
– ends of the wand: wood

Mode regulator:

– allows you to regulate the mode of the lights and alternate between the chakra colours
– mode of light:
1. non-pulsating / steady
2. automatic alternation from colour to colour
3. manual alternation from colour to colour

Electric plug:

– German plug
– no adapter provided; an adapter for the socket can be purchased in any electric store in your region

Technical data:

– suitable for 120 – 130 V / 240 Watts / 60 Hz
– LED lights used with up to 100 000 hours longevity


– the shipping costs are already included in the total price of the Crystal Bed unit
– time of shipping depends on the country we ship to:
1. shipping within the European Union: 7 – 10 days
2. shipping within Europe, e.g. UK: 10 – 14 days
3. shipping outside Europe and overseas: 14 – 21 days


– there is no official warranty on our Crystal Beds
– should any damage to the Crystal Bed occur, we offer replacement with additional charge

Legal indications:

The Crystal Healing Bed is a metaphysical device merely meant to guide and support a person through their self-healing process. The results, as in, the intensity and duration of the person’s self-healing will vary from individual to individual, and are subject to the person’s health, life style and other life circumstances.

– We make no promises of healing occurring on any level with use of our Crystal Bed.
–  All suggestions and recommendations on this website are based on our personal experience and feedback from individuals who have experienced the Crystal Healing Bed. We hereby claim, that we have not completed any medical training and are not aware of any negative, injury-inducing or fatal effects on human individuals during and after the use of our Crystal Bed.
– To our best knowledge, the use of our Crystal Bed does not require any medical or health practice training.

We hereby do not assume liability for anything that happens during or after use of our Crystal Bed.


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